JonEmery began his career in Sonoma County with the CowPunk Band "JonEmery & The Heartbroken" but after a near fatal gall stone surgery, he found himself back in Sacramento, Ca. The place he spent his high school years and young adult life. Hopped up on pain meds and broke, JonEmery found opportunity in the form of ex-Ghost Of Wyoming members J-Lee Lewis, Russell Ryan and Harley Lee Walker. Dry County Drinkers were born and taking the Sacramento Valley, Sonoma County and Seattle by storm.  In its 5 year inception, "The Drinkers" found themselves opening up for Country Music Legends David Allan Coe, Reckless Kelly, Whitey Morgan and Chuck Mead and teaming up with Regional Icons Red Meat, The Pine Box Boys, Miss Lonely Hearts and The Ganges River Band . Earned respect from Outlaw Uprisers Outlaw Bob Wayne, Hellbound Glory and Joe Buck Yourself.  They even found themselves on some unsuspecting and surprising bills with The Supersuckers, Moonshine Bandits, Josh Gracin and Alien Ant Farm.  

Dry County Drinkers had quite a revolving door of musicians and a few DEMO CDs after the original members, one by one, went back to their more respectable and responsible lives. The "If You Aint Drunk..." EP  found some moderate success with the single "If You Ain't Drunk (You're With The Terrorists) supported and played by Mojo Nixon on Sirius Outlaw Country.  One Drink, One Smoke, One Song -  The self produced sophomore effort with more heart than heat, spawned internet radio single "Jukebox & A Drink" and crowd-pleaser "Britney Spears & Beers".   You Gotta Lotta Nerve found the original Drinker line-up in the studio with 8 tracks written by J-Lee that features "Don't Call Me Up When You're Drunk", "Francine" and "Take My Wife (please)" and the final release, From Wine To The Whiskey which is a collection of songs from the fore mentioned releases that also includes 5 tracks from the shelved "Leavin' Whiskey In The Bottle" CD "Baby, I Aint Your Ticket", "From Wine To The Whiskey", "Bar Fight", "Leavin Whiskey In The Bottle" and "Shit Kickin Blues" In the end, JonEmery was the "Last Drinker Standing" as he struck out performing more solo shows with the likes of Billy Don Burns and Duane Mark which led to the Dry County Drinker brand to its end.

May 1st 1015 marked Dry County Drinkers 5 Year Anniversary and "Drinker Nation" came to a close with all 4 original members reuniting for one final show together in Sacramento, Ca.  at The Hideaway with special guests and great friends The Ganges River Band and Duane Mark.

Dry County Drinkers .08
JonEmery - Vocals & Guitar
J-Lee - Vocals & Guitar
Russell Ryan - Bass
Harley Lee Walker - Drums

Dry County Drinkers 2.0
JonEmery - Vocals & Guitar
Brandon Dickinson - Guitar & Pedal Steel
Tyler Ragle - Bass
Chris Knight - Drums

Dry County Drinkers 2.5
JonEmery - Vocals & Guitar
Randolph Charles - Guitar, Dobro & Trumpet
Steve Ivy - Bass
Mark Halverson - Drums

Dry County Drinkers: Final 3.0
JonEmery - Vocals & Guitar
Dan McCullough - Upside-down Guitar
Robbin McCullough - Bass
JD - Drums

Honorary "Drinkers"
Jombie Ramsier - Bass/Co-Writer
Chris Amaral - Drums
Merle Jagger: Mark Christian - Guitar, Nick Zingraf - Bass, Johnny Ray - Drums
Earl Brooks - Guitar, Mandolin & Lap Steel
Geith St. John Fraser - Fiddle
Steve Westmoreland - Guitar
Bernie Quinn - Pedal Steel
Chris Canalas - Guitar
Jay Patrick - Lead Clacker and (insert job here) tech
Marcy Tierney - Shiner Nation Supporter
JR - Engineer
Rob Campbell - Engineer
Stainless Brown - Guitar/Engineer
Jenna Brimage  - Merch
Lauren Ruhl - Fiddle, Fan & Friend
Billy Hood & Angel Dean - Family


If You Ain't Drunk...
1. If You Ain't Drunk (You're With The Terrorists)
2. Drinkin' Dirty
3. Not Cold But Crisp
4. Don't Tell My Girlfriend
5. Little Less Cryin', Little More Drinkin'
6. The Last Real Bar In California

One Drink, One Smoke, One Song
1. Get Up, Get Drunk & Get Down
2. Jukebox & A Drink
3. Can't Blame Me
4. The Stag
5. Clean Shaven, Sober & Celibate
6. One Drink, One Smoke, One Song
7. Britney Spears & Beers
8. You Can't Buy, What You Can't Break 
You Gotta Lotta Nerve
1. A Broken Heart Just Stays Broken
2. Don't Call Me Up When You're Drunk
3. Francine
4. Half A Mile From Bakersfield
5. Take My Wife (please)
6. Jesus On Board
7. Get Off The Fence
8. You Gotta Lotta Nerve

From Wine To The Whiskey: a collection of released & unreleased demos
1. Baby, I Ain't Your Ticket
2. From Wine To The Whiskey
3. Jukebox & A Drink
4. Clean Shaven, Sober & Celibate
5. Britney Spears & Beers
6. Don't Tell My Girlfriend
7. Bar Fight
8. Francine
9. Don;t Call Me Up When You're Drunk
10. Take My Wife (please)
11. You Can't Buy What You Can;t Break
12. Shit Kickin Blues
13. Leavin' Whiskey In The Bottle
14. Little Less Cryin', Little More Drinkin'
15. The Last Real Bar In California
16. If You Ain't Drunk (You're With The Terrorists)