Britney Spears & Beers 

Song: Britney Spears & Beers 
Album: Americana. 
Written by: JonEmery Dodds 
Music Arranged by: JonEmery Dodds, J. Lee Lewis, Dan Sisson, Monty DeVita & James Blaylock 

Players: JonEmery : Vocal, Acoustic Guitar 
Dan Sisson : Electric Guitars 
Monty DeVita : Bass 
James Blaylock : Drums 

Pedal Steel: Joe Carlson
Tatiana McPhee : Vocals & Percussion 
Engineered by: Mark Stein 
Mixed by: Lance Jackman 
Mastered by: Gary Fiori 

“Britney Spears & Beers” was written around 2006/2007. I was working on Top 40 radio station in Santa Rosa. I primarily worked behind the scenes, but voice tracked weekends and was an occasional side kick on the morning show. Female artists ruled the Pop air waves then. Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliott, Avril Lavigne, Amy Winehouse & Alicia Keys, to name a few. My roommate and my girlfriend (two separate people) at the time were the morning show hosts, so I listened to a lot of the music, became an appreciator and fan of the female pop movement. Though I was more keen to Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera, when it came down to writing the lyrics of my homage, it was an easy choice on which icon was going to be the centerpiece. Britney Spears. 

During this time, Britney Spears was going through a dark period of her life. Drug use, shaved head, drunk voice messages, drinking & smoking cigarettes. There was a lot of source material. The pressures to be America’s “Princess of Pop” were catching up to her and the media was relentless. 

The early stages of the song were really cynical and inappropriate jabs at the expense of her plight. I wanted to write a different song. One that was unexpected of me. I wanted to write a song that was a tribute to her and the genre of female Pop music. Address the fact that she can be (and probably is) a regular person. Britney was on top, even if she was hitting rock bottom, but what she was going through at the time, was a great example of how disposable American icons can be, especially women. 

Once the decision was made to write a tribute, it became fun to write. The point was to humanize her. Literally write her as the girl next door that you just hang out with. The opening line “Britney Spears & Beers are a real good time” was to set the tone of her rebellion against the industry. The rest just poured out without out much thought. The final musical version came about in 2010/2011 with the help of DCD lead player & song writer Jerry Lewis that gave the song its unique chord progression and iconic ending. “Britney Spears & Beers” was a hit live, and landed it’s rightful place on my 1st solo record “Americana” 

Though the variations of “JonEmery” have performed this song for over a decade, after a while, I would find reasons to drop it off the set list using a variety of excuses. The fact of the matter was, I started not liking the song due some misogynistic content. I was growing as a song writer and as a person, desperately trying to distance myself from the brash & crass Cowpunk years. Sure, it is supposed to be light hearted, but I destroyed the whole purpose of the tribute. I took the joke too far, and I have not wanted to perform the song since I realized what I had done. Unfortunately, it is one of our most requested songs (of course). 

As much as I have tried to sweep it aside and under a rug, the song haunts me through the requests of long time, invested fans, friends and family. It gets people on the dance floor. It’s been the soundtrack to couples’ make out sessions at the bar. People sing, laugh and cheer along with it, but I can’t with good conscious, continue to perform this song that is corrupt. 

Recently, a fan requested BS&Bs and I snapped “We don’t play that song anymore!” The look of disappointment to my reaction was disheartening. Here, I have someone who just wants to hear a song I wrote, and because of my own issues with it, snapped at them. After some self reflection & deliberation, I decided to re-write the lyrics to live up to its original purpose. To celebrate the icon and the genre she represents, all while keeping its light hearted feel. I, not only owe it to the song, but the song’s intent. I may not be able to un-ring the bell of the recording, but I can be accountable and make it right. 

I apologize for my former, ignorant self. This song was never meant to be what it turned out to be but, my present self is making good on delivery. 

Britney Spears & Beers (revised) 

Britney Spears & beers are a real good time 
She may be loaded but she’ll stop you on a dime 
Say what you want about her music and fans 
When it gets lit she likes to dance 
Cos Britney Spears & Beers are a real good time. 

Well oops… I did it again 
It was hit me baby one more time 
How could I resist 
She may go crazy and shave her head bald 
Try and hide her southern drawl 
But Britney Spears & beers are a real good time. 

I’m sure she'll talk you down 
And sure she is world renowned 
But she can be the sweetest girl you’ll know 
She won’t choreograph a single move 
When you find her in the right mood 
Britney Spears & beers are a real good time. 

Well oops … I did it again 
It was hit me baby one more time 
How could I resist 
May be the pride of Kentwood La 
And have a star on the walk of fame 
But Britney Spears & beers are a real good time 

Britney Spears & Beers 
Britney Spears & Beers 
Britney Spears & Beers are a real good time

Thanks for reading and thanks for your requests!  

Keep em coming!!!



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